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Esk Offshore Ltd have designed a range of training courses to accommodate some key factors in the drilling industry process including general mechanical pumps, Solids Control and Waste Management services.

These courses are tailored to allowing Esk Offshore to maintain a highly skilled workforce pool internally and offer companies and general public the option to have access to this specialist training not openly available in the business market today.

Throughout our 25 years in the industry it has always been a struggle to find relevant training in these areas but with the addition of a reducing experience level in the oilfield personnel in general, the basic knowledge is being lost to the next/new career hopefuls coming thru, therefore we have created several in-depth courses to get you the hands-on training in such like as mechanical pumps, Solids Control & Waste Management. This will take you into the operation, maintenance and general troubleshooting of the equipment to capture the practical experience to give you an advantage in the industry.

You can find out about the various courses we offer below.