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Training Services

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Esk Offshore Ltd have designed a range of training courses to accommodate some key processes in the drilling industry including; mechanical pumps, Solids Control and Waste Management services and maintenance and operation of our rental fleet.

These courses are tailored to allow Esk Offshore to maintain a highly skilled personnel pool and to ensure supply of a skilled and competent workforce to our customers. We see this as a key differentiator from our competitors.

In the current environment, we recognise the challenges placed upon our industry for continuity of experienced and competent personnel. We have responded to this challenge and invested heavily in the training and competency of our people. These courses are complimentary to the client's own proprietary material to ensure full compliance and alignment. This provides the client with confidence of competent personnel supply whilst minimising financial burden of poor utilisation of its own headcount and associated costs

You can find out about the various courses we offer below.