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Cuttings Re-Injection

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Course Price

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Course Length

3 Days

Course Overview

The aim of this course is to provide the delegate with an understanding of the theory & application, operations, maintenance processes and troubleshooting associated with Cuttings Re-Injection & associated equipment.


  • Follow and apply relevant Health & Safety procedures & controls required prior to commencing any work
  • Introduction to Cuttings Re-Injection
  • Installation technigues
  • Cuttings Re-Injection operations
  • Downhole parameters for Re-Injection
  • Maintenance and how to carryout pre-inspections, perform routine preventive maintenance of main equipment
  • Troubleshooting, warning signs of premature failure and measures needed to effect repair
  • Complete practical maintenance procedure of specific workshop Cuttings Re-Injection equipment
  • Multi choice test and practical assessment


  • Photo ID
  • PPE to include hard hat with chin strap, safety glasses, coveralls, gloves and boots


A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.


Esk Offshore Ltd
Unit 11, off West Road
Brechin Business Park

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