About us

With over 25 years of experience including Solids Control, Drilling Waste project management and personnel allocation on a global scale on and offshore.

  • Founded in 1988 to support an offshore drilling service company.
  • Operational Base in Stonehaven near Aberdeen.
  • Solids Control Drilling Waste project management, personnel allocation on a global scale and onshore/offshore fabrication & construction.
  • Originally bespoke to Solids Control & Waste Management providing a core pool of skilled employees to support the drilling services industry throughout its highs and lows of ad-hoc support requirements.
  • Current growth potential with Alan Cruickshank developing a core pool of skilled employees in Well Services \ Intervention (WS Pool).
  • Training Centre incorporated into the Stonehaven base with several accredited courses now available inclusive of: Intro to Offshore Environment c/w Shoulder measurement (Green Hand), Mechanical Pumps ops & maintenance, Cuttings Waste Management ops & maintenance, Cuttings Dryers ops & maintenance, Centrifuge ops & maintenance, Confined Space Entry c/w BA, Confined Space Entry Refresher c/w BA.
  • Base staff includes Business Development Manager with 30 years well service experience, Personnel Coordinator with 10 years experience and Training Staff with 30 years in Waste Management and 15 years training experience.
  • Fully ISO 9001 Certified

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